Joel Baumgardner

PGA  Teaching Professional

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 Joel’s Student Testimonials .

“Joel was the first golf instructor my oldest daughter had when she was 7.  She went on to play Division II golf and was a member of the NCAA Division II National Championship team at the University of Indianapolis in 2015.  In addition to having unwavering patience, what stands out to me about the way Joel worked with youth golfers back then (and now) is that he always made golf fun for the kids, while teaching solid fundamentals about the game.  He is adept at scaling instruction to the age and skill level of any golfer.   


For me, as an adult student, I appreciate the way Joel analyzes my swing and offers specific suggestions that I can practice between lessons.  Joel is as encouraging and patient with adults as he is with young kids.  And his knowledge of the game is matched by his ability to connect with his students and individualize instruction in ways that allow a novice like me to have success immediately, which makes me want to keep playing what can be a pretty frustrating sport.” 

Michele Pittard, PH.D

“Joel is an amazing coach! Very energetic and always positive. I have been working with him for about a year and a half now and has helped me to improve a lot of areas of my game. So friendly and supportive wether it's in passing or u happen to see him out playing 18! Would highly recommend him and I have two of my friends have been going to him for about a year now! Take one lesson with him and you'll see why you want to spend more time working with him!”

Levi Harris

“I'm happy to say Joel helped me get my swing on track to be more effective and stronger. Our lesson was easy and relaxed but very effective.”

Karen Almon

“If you are looking for a golf instructor with not only exceptional teaching ability but also a calm and kind  demeanor, you can’t find one better than Joel. He’s helped our son quickly improve his stroke and game and he’s had fun at the same time.”

Shawn & Diane Comella